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What does 2023 have in store for Digital Audio?

Voiceworks Head of Sport (and host of Voiceworks: Sound Business) discusses what the future holds for audio and podcasting in the year ahead.

Are TikTok entering the Social Audio war?

Many have tried, and many have failed. Now it looks like TikTok might be able to pick up the challenge of integrating podcasting into a social media platform.

What is Dalvik and how does it affect me?

There has been a lot of techy talk in podcasting land over the past week about “Dalvik”, and some podcasting hosts announcing that they are not recognising some downloads. It’s not the easiest to...

How to optimise your podcast publishing to help grow your audience

Behind the Audio: Meet the Host of VisitArran's Sheila Gilmore

Meet the wonderful host behind the VisitArran podcast. We sat down with Sheila Gilmore, the star behind the VisitArran podcast, to find out more about what it was like recording the podcast and where...

Why Axing the Classifieds is a Sign of the Changing Audio Landscape.

Why axing the classifieds is a sign of the changing audio landscape. Earlier this year the BBC made the decision to axe the Classified Football Results from its broadcast schedule.

Why is Facebook turning its back on Audio?

The social media giant has pulled out of podcasting. It feels like only yesterday that everyone (including me) got a little over-excited about Facebook's announcement that they would be entering the...

Object-Based Audio: The Future of Audio Production?

I'm one of those people who is always excited by the new!

How to use voice technology and audio strategy to further strategic goals within the NGO and charity sector

Audio content, voice technology and AI can play a vital role in driving forward the strategic goals of their organisations.

Environmentally Sound? How audio can help deliver your green agenda

Environmental issues are, quite rightly riding high in the news agenda and with the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow on the horizon, the pressure is on.

One Voice Conference #OVC21

I’ve been to many industry conferences and awards and quite often they can be quite tense affairs, with people posturing and trying to impress at all costs.

Alexa Live 2021: What did we learn?

We recently attended the Alexa Live event intrigued to hear the ambitions for development and how Amazon is supporting developers in the evolution of skills. A point that came across clearly is the...