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Sports and Podcasting: The Perfect Match

21 days ago

Podcast listeners and sports fans share two major attributes... Loyalty and passion. So why is it that many official sports brands and rights holders are yet to take advantage of what could be a...

What does Twitter's new audio feature mean for Podcasting?

24 days ago

This week Twitter launched a brand new audio feature on its platform: audio tweets!

Is Joe Rogan's bumper Spotify deal positive for Podcasting?

29 days ago

Joe Rogan's new big-money deal with Spotify is undoubtedly good news for Joe Rogan but is it good news for the industry as a whole?

Podcasts in Lockdown: The COVID-19 effect

06 days ago

Last week I was asked to contribute to an article by MediaTel about the effects that the Coronavirus and the resulting lockdown was having on the podcasting sector. It's an interesting area that I...

The Role of Voice in a National Crisis

24 days ago

Radio has long been considered a vital medium during times of national crisis. Not only is it an effective and accessible tool for communicating important messages but also, due to the intimacy of...

Spoken Word is the Word: Growing value in Digital Audio

10 days ago

Audio is booming! Every report that you read right now points to 2020 being the year that digital audio finally takes the UK by storm. Podcasts are growing, Smart Speakers are everywhere and there...

Alexa 'Routines' can help solve your voice app retention problems

04 days ago

One of the big issues with Voice Apps is how to keep users coming back again and again.

The Future of Sports Audio in 2020

08 days ago

Sport has always been an interesting barometer of change. In the past, it has been considered a forebear of social change or reflection of society. It is also often an area in which new...