Environmentally Sound? How audio can help deliver your green agenda

Environmental issues are, quite rightly riding high in the news agenda and with the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow on the horizon, the pressure is on. 

All areas of business operations are under increasing scrutiny to hit targets set out and find new ways of doing so.

I remember in the early noughties producing a social audit report for the Guardian Media Group. Working with the Group MD at the radio division, the obvious method of delivery, given our expertise, was audio. Instead of producing and printing hundreds of pages of a long report, a short booklet was made with our CD neatly placed in the back. Yes, a Compact Disc, (remember those?!).

The CD featured interviews with staff and members of the Executive Team talking through its performance to date and ambitions for the future.  I must say, it was considerably more interesting to listen to than reading through a long report, a report I probably would unlikely have picked up in the first place.

Today you would not even need the booklet and your equivalent CD would be audio placed on your company website, a link sent directly to members or even released into the podcast space for shareholders. Compared with printing thousands of long annual reports, audits and shareholder information, this is a much greener solution.  

Hearing people within your organization talking passionately about their areas of expertise and company ambitions also really helps to bring to life what could otherwise be important content presented in a rather uninspired way.

Remember it is not just what you say, it’s the way you say it.

At Voiceworks we have a team of expert audio Producers who know exactly how to create professional audio for your business. Get in touch with me if we can help bring your content to life and go greener in the process.