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Environmentally Sound? How audio can help deliver your green agenda

Environmental issues are, quite rightly riding high in the news agenda and with the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow on the horizon, the pressure is on.

How to grow your Sports Podcast Audience

Making a podcast is hard work... finding an audience for that podcast can be even harder!

Zoom fatigue? Let audio take care of it

Throughout the last year, video conferencing platforms such as Teams, Zoom or Skype have become the unsung heroes of lockdown. The whole experience would have been much harder if it wasn’t for the...

Sports and Podcasting: The Perfect Match

Podcast listeners and sports fans share two major attributes... Loyalty and passion. So why is it that many official sports brands and rights holders are yet to take advantage of what could be a very...

Is Joe Rogan's bumper Spotify deal positive for Podcasting?

Joe Rogan's newbig-money deal with Spotifyis undoubtedly good news for Joe Rogan but is it good news for the industry as a whole?