PodComms 2020: The Rise of Internal Podcasts

Attending the recent PodComms 2020 conference, it was really encouraging to hear how brands are making good use of audio to enhance their internal communications.

Burberry have really maximized the opportunity of internal podcasts with their Burberry Voices.  Employing a global workforce and an incredibly diverse one at that, storytelling is a fantastic way for them to engage people around the brand.  From people selling their product in store, to their designers in offices and to their production teams in factories, the podcasts help the staff discover more about the roles  within Burberry. 

Their core objectives were to:

  1. Unite teams through authentic content
  2. Hear from new perspectives and
  3. Learn more about key projects and different roles. 

They chose podcasts because audio is often less scary than video, it is quick and cost effective to capture, produce and share plus it can be consumed on-the-go.

A recent episode took an in-depth look at the challenges faced to retool and prepare their factory in Castleford to move from manufacturing trench coats to delivering thousands of pieces of PPE for the NHS.  Another is in conversation with prolific fashion photographer Nick Knight OBE revealing what it is like to work with Burberry and the role of creativity and creatives in the world.

They did not stop there, evolving the ideas further. Burberry Voices Specials undertakes interviews with the wider Burberry family at key brand moments and Burberry Voices Live invites special guests from other businesses to join a discussion panel and streamed to all employees.

Remote recording and easy hosting make internal podcasts a cost-effective way of communicating to your teams.  Indeed, our parent company of Voiceworks, Communicorp UK, utilizes them too.  They were first introduced due to field salespeople spending much of the day out of the office and could therefore listen in the car.  Since then of course we have seen a huge increase in home working, some 30% across the UK and internal podcasts are an effective, authentic and engaging new vehicle for your internal comms.

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