How the Education Sector Effectively Uses Voice

According to the 2020 Midas survey, over 10 million people are spending a combined 59 million hours a week listening to podcasts in the UK. A powerful communication channel, podcasts can offer up to 100% ownership of brain space. With 29% of these listeners between the ages of 15-24 years old, more schools, colleges and universities are using voice to communicate to their students than ever.

Voiceworks have worked with a number of educational institutions who have wanted to enhance their brand experience further through voice. Throughout this blog we will share some examples of how schools and colleges have used podcasts to not only interact with current students but to help recruit new admissions. 


Bury College


In this podcast, XS Manchester's Sophie Sveinsson takes a trip through the new Be Bury College Ready portal, a resource to help support pupils with college progression. The recording includes everything that students needs to know about making a successful start at the college next term and how they can find out more about specific course information.


Due to the recent lockdown, human interaction has been sometimes difficult in the higher education sector. The use of a podcast is not only creative in a difficult time but also shows students that teachers and tutors are still there for support.


Listen here:


Barnsley College

This branded podcast series aims to help young people take the right path when choosing a college, giving them a flavour of what life is like when they are there and any opportunities available to them afterwards.


Recorded on-location at the college campus, the team were complimented by Barnsley College on the ability to put great questions to our guests and make them feel at ease leading to natural and insightful conversation.


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Wakefield College


This series covers a whole host of useful topics such as revision tips, lockdown education and the subject specific discussions such as Criminology. Aimed at Wakefield College current and prospective students, the podcast gives practical and useful advice in each 30-minute episode. Both staff and students were involved in the recording.


Getting students involved in the recording not only gives them hands on experience of recording a podcast but they can also share the finished product on a future CV.


Listen here:


If a podcast is something that you think your school, college or university could benefit from, get in touch below. Discover how you can create compelling audio to engage potential new students, and how you can bring your organisation's culture to life through sound.


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